What Is QV Slang For?

What does AA mean in slang?

Alcoholics Anonymous”Alcoholics Anonymous” is the most common definition for AA on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Definition: Alcoholics Anonymous..

What does BBL mean sexually?

Be Back LaterBBL stands for Be Back Later. BBL: [interjection] acronym for “be back later”.

What’s a TBF?

tbf. (also TBF) written abbreviation for to be fair: used, for example on social media and in text messages, when you have considered everything that has an effect on a situation in order to make a fair judgment: Tbf she’s never done anything bad to me.

What does BTF mean in text language?

Before the FireSlang / Jargon (17) Acronym. Definition. BTF. Before the Fire.

Is QA a Scrabble word?

No, qa is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is full form of HH?

hh, an abbreviation for “hands high” when referring to the height of a horse. HH, short for Hand-Held, a term in film production among camera staff. Hamburg, Germany (ISO 3166-2 code DE-HH) and HH (“Hansestadt Hamburg”), vehicle licence plate prefix. His Highness, or Her Highness, a formal address.

What does DFT stand for in texting?

DFT — Deal Fell Through.

What does BTS mean in text?

The Bangtan BoysBTS Means “The Bangtan Boys,” “Better Than Sex” and “Be There Soon.” The most common meanings for BTS in text-based messaging and chats used to be “Better Than Sex” and “Be There Soon.” However, BTS is now more often used to refer to the Korean boy band BTS (“The Bangtan Boys”).

What does HH mean sexually?

Sexual Term – A “half and half” describes a sexual encounter, typically with a prostitute, during which half the encounter is spent having vaginal intercourse, and the other half is spent having oral sex.

What does BBB stand for?

Better Business BureauBBBAcronymDefinitionBBBBetter Business BureauBBBBIOS (Basic Input/Output System) Boot BlockBBBBlood Brain BarrierBBBBeaglebone Black (open source computer)106 more rows

What does HH mean on Snapchat?

HH means “Ha-Ha,” “Hand History,” “Heil Hitler,” “His/Her Highness” and “His Holiness.”

What does QV mean in writing?

quod videThe abbreviation q.v. stands for quod vide, which translates literally as “which see,” although in practice it means something more like “for which see elsewhere.” It is used in notes after a word or phrase to indicate that more information can be found about the topic somewhere else in the current work.

What does QV mean in business?

Quality and ValueQV Stands For : Quality and Value | Qualifying Volume.

What does HH mean in school?

HH. Homebound and/or Hospitalized. Special Education. Special Education.

Is QV a word?

QV is not a valid scrabble word.

What does BB mean from a girl?

Baby. The abbreviation BB is widely used with the meaning “Baby” as a term of endearment (especially by girls).