Quick Answer: Who Is The Youngest Dodger Player?

Who is the oldest Dodger?

Eddie BasinskiThe oldest is Eddie Basinski, born in 1922.

The youngest is Bob Aspromonte, born in 1938..

Who is number 7 on the Dodgers?

Julio UriasPitchersNOPlayerDOB (AGE)77D. Santana4/12/1996 (25)49B. Treinen6/30/1988 (32)7J. Urias Dodgers’ Julio Urias: Loses lead in sixth inning Julio Urias Dodgers’ Julio Urias: Loses lead in sixth inning8/12/1996 (24)10 more rows

What is Corey Seager salary?

7.6 million USD (2020)Corey Seager/Salary

How did Corey Seager meet his fiance?

Corey Seager Girlfriend: When it comes to the initiation of their relationship, some sources stated that they met each other and started dating during their teen years in North Carolina. With their budding romance since high school, they also went to the senior prom together.

What does Dodger mean?

1 : one that dodges especially : one who uses tricky devices. 2 : a small leaflet : circular. 3 : corn dodger. 4 : a usually canvas screen on a boat or ship that provides protection from spray.

Who is Corey Seager’s girlfriend?

Madisyn ‘Mady’ Van HamMadisyn ‘Mady’ Van Ham is well known for being the girlfriend of an American professional baseball shortstop, Corey Seager. He plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB). Corey Saeger was the 2016 NL Rookie of the Year.

Who wore #8 for the Dodgers?

The newest member on the Los Angeles Dodgers, Manny Machado, has chosen to wear the No. 8 as a nod to five-time NBA Champion and Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant.

Who is older Kyle or Corey Seager?

Corey Seager was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina, to Jeff and Jody Seager. He is the youngest of three brothers. His oldest brother Kyle Seager is a third baseman who plays for the Seattle Mariners.

Who wore 55 for the Dodgers?

Russell Martin #55 News, Stats, Photos – Los Angeles Dodgers – MLB – MSN Sports.

Who wore 24 for the Dodgers?

Walter Alston#24 – Walter Alston.