Quick Answer: Was John Lennon A Baritone?

Which Beatle had the best voice?

John and George are a bit flat and Ringo’s voice is…


it’s Ringo.

I’d have to say John because raw John Lennon (1963-era Lennon) has one of the best voices ever recorded, period.

Paul was more versatile but I prefer John’s.

George had the best singing voice but Paul was the best singer..

What is the rarest voice type?

contralto voiceThe contralto voice is the lowest of the female voices and by far and away the rarest. The contralto range is roughly from the F below middle C to a high F one octave above middle C almost exactly matching that of the male countertenor.

Was Elvis a tenor or baritone?

Elvis Presley was a baritone whose voice had an extraordinary compass — the so-called register — and a very wide range of vocal colour. It covered two octaves and a third, from the baritone low-G to the tenor high B, with an upward extension in falsetto to at least a D flat.

Who are famous baritone singers?

List of namesNameLifespanNationalityAndy Biersack1990–AmericanAloe Blacc1979–AmericanJames Blake1988–EnglishDavid Bowie1947–2016English113 more rows

Can Mariah Carey sing 5 octaves?

Mariah Carey With her 5-octave vocal range and her ability to reach notes in the 7th octave vocal range as well just go back, it should come as no surprise that Mariah is the top. She hits the highest, most ear-piercing note of all time, making anyone in the vicinity’s hair stand on end.

How did the Beatles decide who would sing a song?

They started out as teenage BFFs, skipping school to play tunes in Paul’s dad’s house. True to their BFF pledge, they decided they will share credit for every song they will ever write, hence the official Lennon/McCartney attribution of most Beatles songs.

Who was the smartest Beatle?

Sir Paul McCartney had a higher IQ than George Harrison when they were 11, according to the former Beatles’ secondary school entrance exam cards. In 1953, aged 11.2, Sir Paul had a rating of 137, while in 1954, aged 11.6, Harrison had one of 117. The cards will be auctioned at Phillips on March 30.

Is Shawn Mendes a baritone?

Neither. He’s a baritenor. His A4s sound more comfortable than those of a baritone, while his B2s sound more comfortable than those of a tenor.

Was paul McCartney a baritone?

Paul McCartney is a tenor who can also sing low and high notes when he wants to.

Was Frank Sinatra a tenor or baritone?

Sinatra did not sing opera so the operatic categories of tenor, baritone, and bass (which happened to be more well defined parameters) cannot be applied. He was simply a baritone. Toward the end of his life he struggled with the high F.

Did the Beatles have good voices?

All four Beatles proved themselves to be excellent musicians, both within the group and in their solo careers, and each was equipped with a unique voice: Paul McCartney: Technically the strongest singer of the group, and certainly the most developed at the beginning of their career.

How did the Beatles learn to sing?

They learned to sing by simply singing and practicing like many singers from their generation. There really were not vocal coaches the same way there are today. Back then only classically trained singer had vocal coaches for the most part.

Is Harry Styles a baritone?

Harry Styles is most often called a tenor. … A tenor would sing here with more ease, meaning Harry must be a baritone.

Was George Harrison a baritone?

George Harrison sang in the tenor range during the late 60’s although he sounds more like a baritone when he talks. He also generally sang within the top end of the baritone range in the early 60’s.

Is Ed Sheeran a baritone?

Is Ed Sheeran a baritone? He’s a baritenor/tenor 2/Lyric baritone. (He specializes in the notes all guys can hit.) However, he also has a well-developed falsetto and the ability to blend… which allows him greater range.

Who was the rudest Beatle?

Paul McCartneyShare article. The post has been shared by 12 people. Hey, here’s an unpopular opinion I’m not afraid to share. Paul McCartney is the worst Beatle.

Who was most talented Beatle?

John lennonIn your opinion, who was the most talented beatle? For me, John lennon. Not only that he wrotte the best songs, also i like more her career after beatles. But Paul Macartney and George Harrison were two genious too.

Is Justin Bieber a baritone?

His voice does not have the typically strong lows of a baritone, and he is able to sing on his top notes around F4-Bb4 in a somewhat relaxed manner. … His voice does not have the typically strong lows of a baritone, and he is able to sing on his top notes around F4-Bb4 in a somewhat relaxed manner.