Quick Answer: Did Deckard Shaw Kill Owen?

Why is Hobbs and Shaw not in fast 9?

That said, while Johnson has carved out a separate corner of the Fast & Furious franchise to operate in, Gibson isn’t interested in getting his own spinoff.

He explained: …

However, because Johnson was busy shooting Hobbs & Shaw, he was unable to participate in the upcoming F9 (unless he shot some kind of secret cameo)..

Is Han coming back in fast 9?

He was, in fact, an early victim of Jason Statham’s (then-baddie) Deckard Shaw. Three films later, and Han is – somehow, miraculously, ridiculously – back for Fast & Furious 9, which also marks the return of director Justin Lin, the filmmaker responsible for introducing Kang’s character in the first place.

Is Ryan Reynolds bad in Hobbs and Shaw?

There’s more than one villain in Hobbs & Shaw. … Ryan Reynolds – who makes a separate surprise appearance in Hobbs & Shaw – provided the voice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that his character is the Director.

Why was Ryan Reynolds in Hobbs and Shaw?

Reynolds is an A-list star after the success of the Deadpool franchise, so why is he playing a side surprise role in Hobbs & Shaw? Well, it’s because he has a few ties with the people who made the movie. … Leitch was likely the one who was able to convince Reynolds to appear in his latest movie.

Who is the bad guy at the end of Hobbs and Shaw?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Hobbs & Shaw. While Idris Elba’s bad guy Brixton is the main villain of the movie, the real threat is the evil organisation Eteon, led by the mysterious Director, who we only hear through a distorted voice (provided by Ryan Reynolds).

How did Owen Shaw die?

The character was presumably killed by Deckard Shaw in “Tokyo Drift.” We haven’t seen Deckard’s brother, Owen Shaw, since the end of 2017’s “The Fate of the Furious.” In “Hobbs & Shaw,” Deckard said he has to make amends to right some wrongs for his past (aka Han’s death).

Are Owen Shaw and Deckard Shaw Brothers?

Owen is the younger brother of fellow mercenary, Deckard Shaw. and the older brother of Hattie Shaw.

What happened to Shaw Brothers?

Shaw Brothers then also began to co-produce films with Western producers for the international market, and invest in films such as Meteor and Blade Runner. However, Shaw Brothers ceased film production in 1986 because of competition from Golden Harvest and increasing piracy, focusing instead on TV production.

Who killed Han in Tokyo drift?

Then in the stinger for “Fast 6,” we learned that Han’s death in “Tokyo Drift” was (as far as anyone knew) actually a revenge killing by international criminal Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham).

What happened to Owen Shaw in fast 8?

The beginning of Furious 7 showed Deckard visiting the hospital Owen was stationed in, but it wasn’t until Fast & Furious 8 that Owen was back on his feet. He returned in the third act to help Deckard save Dominic Toretto’s child and was last seen commanding the pilot of Cipher’s plane to land.

Will there be a Hobbs and Shaw 2?

But don’t expect to see a Hobbs & Shaw 2 anytime soon. Speaking with Collider’s Steve Weintraub for Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk, Hobbs & Shaw producer Kelly McCormick revealed that the planned sequel is currently in a holding pattern of sorts: “Everybody’s really busy on that particular franchise.

Why is Owen Shaw not in Hobbs and Shaw?

Well, wonder no more, because there’s a good reason for his absence. Director David Leitch chatted to Empire about the missing Shaw sibling, admitting that the introduction of Vanessa Kirby’s Hattie Shaw, alongside Dame Helen Mirren’s matriarch and Jason’s Deckard, meant that there were simply too many characters.

Did Han die in Tokyo drift?

In the post-credits scene of Fast and Furious 6, Han’s death from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is shown and it is revealed that Owen’s brother Deckard Shaw drove the car that crashed into Han’s and caused his death.

Is Deckard Shaw in fast and furious 9?

The reason behind “The Expendables” star absence. The awesome Jason Statham who plays a character of Deckard Shaw in the Fast and Furious movies won’t be a part of Fast and Furious 9. … Whatever character he played everything was perfect. But sadly he won’t be a part of the next movie.

Is Deckard Shaw a good guy?

The major reason why Deckard Shaw was set up as a villain was to avenge his brother’s death. At the end of Fast & Furious 6. … ‘ Shaw is also in very good terms with Hobbs and Dom now. He is basically in good terms with all of Dom’s ‘family’ so there might be no need for him to turn against them.

Why did Han fake his death?

Han Managed To Escape the Explosion From there, it could simply be explained that Han was injured just enough to take him out of the fight for a while, and/or he decided to fake his death in order to escape Deckard Shaw’s wrath.

Is cipher Shaw’s sister?

She’s A Secret Shaw Family Member Another, and perhaps the greatest theory yet, is that of Cipher being a member of the ever growing Shaw family. Think about it: she contacted both Owen AND Deckard in order to draft them into her plans.