Question: What Type Of Damage Does Ludwigs Holy Blade Do?

What level should I be to kill Ludwig?

If you’re playing through the main game, you should be at least level 65 before going through the Old Hunters DLC, and if you’re playing on New Game+ it’s recommended that you are at least level 115 for the DLC..

Is LHB a blunt?

User Info: SSaiyaman. LHB untricked R1 is considered Slash, and R2 is considered Thrust. Meanwhile pretty much anything in its tricked mode is considered Blunt iirc.

Does Ludwig’s holy blade do blunt damage?

Transformed Mode: Ludwig’s Holy Blade’s transformed mode changes the sword and its sheath into a massive greatsword. The greatsword has excellent damage and range. Many of its attacks do blunt damage rather than normal physical damage, but it has some thrusts, too. It tears through super armor quickly.

Is Ludwig’s holy blade better than Kirkhammer?

The kirkhammer has 2 blocks and is primarily blunt damage which more players are weak to because cainhurst set and bone ash set are used widely. I think the holy blade is better for pve and the kirkhammer shines in pvp. The holy blade has very predictable swings and is much easier to parry than the kirkhammer.

Can Ludwig be parried?

No, he cannot be parried, only staggered on the first phase by hitting his head a lot of time or the scripted bits on the second phase.

Is Kirkhammer any good?

It is really good. I used it on my first time through and do really well with it. It requires different stats than the cleaver, so if you have a bunch of points in skill and not a lot in strength it won’t do that much. It scales almost directly off of strength, so that will have a lot to do with home much it does.

Is Kirkhammer better than Hunter AXE?

Kirkhammer is a strength weapon; if you do use it, just boost your skill to 10 for the requirements (it has A | E str | skill scaling at +10). They are both good at different things. The Hunter’s Axe has amazing regain values, so it’s great at letting you tank a hit and then heal it back.

Where do you get Ludwig’s holy blade?

The Radiant Sword Hunter Badge is in the chest across the room. When you get it, you’ll unlock the option to buy Ludwig’s Holy Blade from the Messenger’s shop in Hunter’s Dream for 20,000 Blood Echoes.

What does Ludwig’s holy blade scale off of?

The sword/great sword Trick Weapon known as Ludwig’s Holy Blade appears to benefit most. When upgraded to +10 through blood gem fortification, Ludwig’s Holy Blade gets A-grade weapon scaling against arcane — meaning it will become more powerful as you level up your character’s arcane stat.

What is the fastest weapon in bloodborne?

The Blade of MercyThe Blade of Mercy is the fastest among them, but deals the least physical damage; this is made up for with its arcane attack, though that won’t help against all foes. A key thing these weapons have in common is low range. You’ll have to sacrifice speed for better reach, but you still have some good options.

How do I get Ludwigs holy blade early?

Ludwig’s Holy BladeLocation Found: After defeating the Blood-Starved Beast, return to the Cathedral Ward and enter the now unlocked door in Oedon’s Chapel. Head up the elevator to the Healing Church Workshop and defeat the many Afflicted Townsfolk across the second tower and head up to the top floor. … Buy Price: 20,000.Sell Price: 14,000.Apr 14, 2015

Is the Ludwig holy blade good?

Ludwig’s Holy Blade is known as a “quality build” (STR/SKL) weapon due to its scalings. It can also be a good weapon for Arcane builds due to its excellent scaling in the stat and Bloodgem slots making it a very good elemental weapon.

How much does Ludwigs holy blade cost?

Now that players have the Badge, they can purchase Ludwig’s Holy Blade (as well as a few other new items) at the shop in the Hunter’s Dream. The weapon isn’t going to come cheap, though; it costs 20,000 blood echoes.

Can you block with Ludwig’s holy blade?

Now what blew my mind this morning is the discovery that the blocking animation still exist in Bloodborne and can be actually activated for certain attacks on Ludwig’s Holy Blade and Kirkhammer. … You can even toggle the animation a bit.

Should I kill Ludwig’s head?

You can kill it for the weapon. Alternatively, you can wear a Church set for extra dialogue and have him rest in peace (and he’ll give you the weapon himself).

What is the most powerful weapon in bloodborne?

1 Ludwig’s Holy Blade. Everything the Hunter Axe does, Ludwig’s Holy Blade does (arguably) better.2 Whirligig Saw. The Whirligig Saw is one of the most simple, brutal, and horrifying weapons in the game. … 3 Hunter Axe. … 4 Holy Moonlight Sword. … 5 Rakuyo. … 6 Blade Of Mercy. … 7 Kos Parasite. … 8 Burial Blade. … More items…•Jul 12, 2020

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