Question: What Is Another Word For Vermin?

How do you say disgusting in a nice way?

adjectiverevolting, repellent, repulsive, sickening, nauseating, nauseous, stomach-churning, stomach-turning, off-putting, unpalatable, unappetizing, uninviting, unsavoury, distasteful, foul, nasty, obnoxious, odious.North American vomitous.informal yucky, icky, gross, sick-making, gut-churning.British informal grotty.More items….

What is the difference between vermin and rodents?

is that rodent is (senseid)a mammal of the order rodentia, characterized by long incisors that grow continuously and are worn down by gnawing while vermin is (countable|or|uncountable) any one of various common types of small insects or animals which cause harm and annoyance.

What animals are considered rodents?

Chipmunks, marmots, woodchucks, squirrels, prairie dogs and gophers belong to one rodent group. Another group includes common house mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, lemmings and voles. Another well known group contains porcupines, capybaras, agouti, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

What is the opposite of a rodent?

The word rodent typically refers to mammals of the order Rodentia, or to specific other small mammals which are not true rodents, e.g., rabbits, shrews, etc. There are no categorical antonyms for this word. However, one could loosely use other order of animal as antonyms, e.g., primate, owl, turtle, etc.

What is an antonym for vermin?

Antonyms of VERMIN idol, saint, lady, role model, hero, heroine, gentleman, angel.

What is another word for disgusting?

SYNONYMS FOR disgusting loathsome, sickening, nauseous, repulsive, revolting, repugnant, abhorrent, detestable.

What is a disgusting person called?

informal) detestable, distasteful, foul, gross, grotty (slang) hateful, loathsome, nasty, nauseating, nauseous, noisome, objectionable, obnoxious, odious, offensive, repellent, repugnant, revolting, shameless, sickening, stinking, vile, vulgar, yucky or yukky (slang)

What’s the difference between vermin and varmint?

As mentioned, “vermin” typically (but not always) refers to smaller animals. “Varmint,” on the other hand, includes larger predators that are problematic to farmers, like feral dogs, weasels and coyotes.

What is the animal that looks like a big rat?

nutriaThe nutria is a large rodent that looks like a large rat or a beaver.

What is the biggest rodent?

capybaraThe capybara is twice that big—the biggest rodent on Earth. These impressive semi-aquatic mammals are found throughout much of northern and central South America, though a small invasive population has been seen in Florida.

How do you use vermin in a sentence?

(1) The beds were filthy and full of vermin. (2) They fumigated the room to kill the vermin. (3) Foxes were traditionally regarded as vermin. (4) Farmers regard foxes as vermin.

What are synonyms for vermin?

vermin, varmint(noun) an irritating or obnoxious person. Synonyms: varment, varmint.

What does vermin mean in English?

1a : small common harmful or objectionable animals (such as lice or fleas) that are difficult to control. b : birds and mammals that prey on game. c : animals that at a particular time and place compete (as for food) with humans or domestic animals.

What is rat slang for?

So, if someone calls you a rat, it’s not like being called a fox. It’s an insult. … These negative traits have led to the informal meaning of rat, “hateful person,” “liar,” or “double-crosser.” You can also use rat as a verb to mean “betray or snitch on.”

What is the antonym of subordinate?

What is the opposite of subordinate?adversaryantagonistleadermanageropponentstrangerchiefopposersuperiormaster5 more rows

What is the synonym of pest?


What is considered a vermin?

Vermin is defined by the Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary as: 1) any of a number of small animals with filthy, destructive, troublesome habits as flies, lice, bedbugs, mice, rats, and weasels; 2) any bird or animal that kills game; 3)(a) a person who is vile, worthless, or objectionable; (b) such persons collectively.

What is another word for rodent?

other words for rodentbunny.hare.buck.capon.cony.cottontail.cuniculus.doe.

What is a small rodent called?

Most rodents are small. Examples of commonly known rodents are mice, rats, chipmunks, and squirrels. Some other small rodents sometimes kept as pets are Guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils.

Is nasty and disgusting the same thing?

As adjectives the difference between disgusting and nasty is that disgusting is which causes disgust, repulsive, distasteful while nasty is .

Are squirrels the same as rats?

A squirrel is a small mammal and is part of the Sciuridae family. They are also part of the scientific order Rodentia. … They are rodents and close cousins to other rodent species such as rats and mice.