Can My Stetson Get Wet?

Are Stetson felt hats waterproof?

These fur fibers are felted with boiling water to make a solid material that both repels water and provides warmth.

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Are Felt Hats water resistant?

Felt makes a superior fabric for a cowboy hat because it is light, smooth, much harder to tear than other fabrics, and is naturally water resistant.

What cowboy hats are waterproof?

7 Best Cowboy Hats For Rain#1 Stetson Men’s Apache 4X Buffalo Felt Cowboy Hat.#2 Stetson Men’s Powder River 4X Buffalo Felt Cowboy Hat.#3 MexiMart 8 Second Cowboy Hat Mexican Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat.#4 Outback Trading Company Unisex Waterproof Cowboy Cotton Oilskin Hat.More items…

What do the X’s mean on Stetson hats?

The percentage of beaver is determined by the X quality of the product. The higher the X’s the higher percentage of beaver fur is mixed in the hat.

What do the X’s mean on cowboy hats?

The X factor rating is determined by the materials used to make a felt cowboy hat. It is determined by the percentage of furs used in making the felt western hat. They use beaver, mink, chinchilla and other furs to make a felt hat. … So basically, the finer fur a cowboy hat is made with, the more X’s a hat will be.

Can you wear a felt cowboy hat in the summer?

Not only is it impractical to wear a felt hat in the middle of summer, it’ll make you look kinda silly, too. Felt hats will leave your head all hot and bothered, and spotting a felt hat in July is an easy way to separate the tourists from the true cowboys.

What is the best cowboy hat brand?

StetsonStetson produces the very best and the very highest quality hats and boots. Based in Colorado, the heart of the western world, Stetson produces western products enviable around the world. Stetson has also been a reliable western brand for decades, producing products for both men and women.

Will water ruin a straw hat?

The main issue that occurs when straw hats get wet is that the straw will swell, which can cause the hat to lose its shape. The straw then loses its tightness and if the hat is not dried correctly it can acquire a new unsightly shape or crease.

Is it OK to wear a felt cowboy hat in the rain?

Felt cowboy hats can get wet, but they are not made to be wet for long periods. If you get caught in the rain in a wool or a cotton felt cowboy hat, pat the water off and let it dry. It’s important to keep your felt hat brushed clean so it will not water spot too much if it does get wet.

Which is better Stetson vs Resistol?

In other words, the Stetson’s felt better to handle but Resistol’s were more comfortable to wear all day long, day in day out. Both Stetson and Resistol are not colorfast in black or dark brown if rained on.

Can you wear a cowboy hat in a car?

You don’t wear a cowboy hat in a car, you wear it in a truck. You don’t wear a cowboy hat in a car, you wear it in a truck. Depends on if you’re a hand or if you own the place.

Can you waterproof felt?

Felt is not waterproof by nature. It can repel water to some extent but will absorb water if wet for too long. If you need a waterproof felt for your project and treated polyester felt won’t do, you can always make it waterproof yourself. Many fabric waterproofing sprays can help you with felt fabrics.